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High School Education - Pell City High School

Bachelor Degreee - Jacksonville State University

Masters Degree - Jacksonvillle State University


Hardin's Chapel Kindergarten - 2 yrs

Hardin's Chapel School            -  2yrs

Coosa Christian School            - 10 yrs

Westbrook Christian                   - 5yrs

Ashville Middle School             - 3 yrs

Odenville  Elementary              - 1 yr

Ragland Elementary                 - 5yrs 


I am Esther Manning Bunt. I am married to a Ragland native , Tony Bunt.  I attended Pell City High School. I have a masters degree in education from Jacksonville State University.  I have been at teacher since 1989. I joined the Ragland team as a Kindergarten teacher in August 2010.

  My parents were Hubert and Inez Manning. They taught and nurtured me in deep Christian values. I still  hold dear and deeply cherish my upbringing.I have two adult sons. Gabriel Ford is a Ph.D professor married to Leah Huizar. Seth Ford is a head basketball coach at Ashville High school  with a masters degree in Sports Management. Seth is married to Tiffany Bryant Ford. 

I am an active member of Eden Westside Baptist Church. I enjoy spending time with my family, participating in church activities, as well as canning and cooking. I especially enjoy making jams, jellies, and apple butter.

It is a privilege to be a kindergarten teacher. It is my greatest joy  to teach them to read. It is a real honor to be a part of helping shape young minds at this age. I enjoy training and teaching children the skills and values that will help them as they grow to be an adult.